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FIDM Debut Outdoor Screening Fashion Show

Wow!!! What a great way to bring the community together at FIDM. Had a great time at the first outdoor screening 2022 Debut Runway Show yesterday.

We brought our own blankets and comfortably sat on the grass area in front of the FIDM building.

I invited my good friend Tangie to tag along with me to view all of the anticipated designs. Fashion designers who collaborated with big brand companies like Palladium and Converse to create modern looks and upgrade branding. There were designers who dove into Denim stretching their talents to reveal new techniques and styling using California’s best known easy to wear fabric…the Beloved Denim. Then…on a big movie screen FIDM presented some of their highlighted couture designers who showed colorful, airy, structured, playful & mysterious fashions that I will have to breakdown for you in another post.

I was pleased to me the former Project Runway contestant, educator and author Nick Verreos who hosted this event. He was full of energy and had great passion to uplift the world of fashion, seeing the future in the designs of the students of today.

If you have a desire in fashion and want to learn more please contact us and we can get you started on your journey to creating beautiful designs.

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